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PERA joins Facebook & Linkedin

PERA now has page on Linkedin & Facebook.  If you would like to join the group on LinkedIn, key in Production Engine Remanufacturers Association and send a request to become part of the group. We will link you in or become a fan on Facebook.


PERA Presents

Cutting Inserts for

Boring and Surfacing

 by Ed Kiebler, Rottler Mfg.


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PERA’s Fall Conference Registration

September 17 - 19
Seelbach Hilton Hotel
Louisville, KY
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EPA Says "Buy Reman Parts"

On April 30th the Environmental Protection Agency issued a new Recovered Material Advisory Notice which very belatedly recognizes the environmental benefits of using rebuilt motor vehicle parts and creates a preference for their use in Federal government procurement.

Under the terms of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) the EPA is to designate goods which are or can be made with recycled or recovered materials. Once an item is so designated, RCRA requires that procuring agencies must purchase items of that type which have the highest percentage of recovered materials practicable.

Engine Repower Council

exists to create awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of rebuilt and remanufactured engines to extend vehicle life. We will achieve our mission by developing and distributing educational materials, promoting the value ofEngine Block graphic rebuilt and remanufactured engines and supporting the business growth and success of our membership.